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Mason Area Historical Society

The purpose of the Mason Area Historical Society is educational, specifically to preserve, advance, and disseminate knowledge and history of the Mason area.

Accomplishments to Date
1991 Mason Area Historical Society Started, Depot Clean Up, Shingles Fundraiser
1992 First Newsletter - now three per year, New Depot Roof
1993 Replaced Depot Windows & Floor, $400 Grant-Lutheran Brotherhood for Depot Work, Auction Fundraiser, Interviews with Local Residents
1994 $16,000 Grant- WI Dept. of Trans. for Depot Foundation, First Raffle - now annual, Bayfield County Fair Display, First T Shirt Fundraiser
1995 Playhouse Renovated and Moved, First Dinner now annual, Mason Days now annual
1996 Depot Foundation Work Completed
1997 Depot Painting & Work
1998 Depot Museum Open to the Public, WI Sesquicentennial Banner Contest, Bayfield County Fair Display, Picnic at Mason Cemetery
1999 Log Cabin Donation - Tear Down, Museum Displays Improved, County Fair Display
2000 Mason Area All School Reunion, Newsletters with Local History , $5,000 Grant- Consolidated Paper Co. for Depot Electricity, First Photo Calendar Fundraiser, Log House Logs Moved to Depot, Bayfield County Fair Display
2001 Log House Foundation and Walls, Bayfield County Courthouse Display, Memorial Book
2002 Depot Roof Signs, Historical Talk at Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center, Depot Exterior Handicapped Ramp, New Roof on Office Building
2003 Log Cabin Work Complete, Interior Freight Room Ramp
2004 Log Cabin Displays Complete
2005 Award -Forest History Assn. of WI, Vintage Vehicles Rally, First Mason Days Church Service now annual event
2006 15 Year Anniversary Celebration
2007 Ray Larson Family Donates Historical Collection
2008 New Concrete Sidewalks at Depot, Contact with J.A. Humbird's descendents, First Cemetery Walk now annual event, Mason's Humbird House Plans by Architect, Cass Gilbert, $4,850 Grant - Mead Witter Foundation -Depot Work, Depot Museum Sign on Hwy 63, $435 Grant from WI Hist. Soc. - Computer Program
2009 Cookbook Project Fundraiser, Photo Display Racks in Depot, Depot Train Signals Restored, Historic Photo Book Started
2010 Historic Mural Project Started
2011 Historic Mason Mural Complete, 20th Anniversary Celebration
2012 Depot Brick Platform Replaced
Depot Metal Roof Installed
2013 Mason Area Rural Schools Book Published
UW-Eau Claire Intern Research Project Started

Meeting Information:

The Mason Area Historical Society Inc. holds regular monthly business meetings on the second Tuesday of the month at 1:00 p.m. at the Mason Ambulance Building.  Occasionally a meeting is canceled, so call Marian at 715-765-4554 or Verne at 715-682-4408 to confirm the time and place of the meeting.  The public is welcome and refreshments follow the meetings.

The annual meeting occurs in after the July monthly meeting.  At the annual meeting, election of officers and directors occurs.

2011-2012 Officers & Board of Directors

President Jan Cameron
Vice President Richard Rewalt
Secretary Marian Schraufnagel
Treasurer Verne Gilles
Directors Carol Anderson
Irene Anderson
Margaret Johnson
Joan Lulich
Dona Niemi
Betty Franzel